Monday, February 28, 2011

Puff Returns

This poem was written for Project #17: Dragon's Breath

During the Chinese New Year, leaflets were dropped on VC positions with a picture of an AC-47 with a dragon draped over the top breathing fire. In ancient times, dragons assumed different shapes to trick evildoers. The Vietnamese peasants were still very superstitious.

Young Jackie Paper was a long way from home
A little boy no longer, but a man fully grown.
The innocence of youth had left this brave young man
Who found himself in trouble in the jungles of Vietnam.

His platoon was shot up badly;
The men were all pinned down.
He hadn't thought of Puff in years
When he heard that magic sound.

The pounding of great wings broke through the night.
It was Puff, the Mighty Puff, come to join the fight!
He came breathing fire to the aid of his lifelong friend
Whom he had sworn so long ago ever to defend.

The enemy could not fight him
So frightened they became.
They just turned right 'round and ran
When he roared out his name.

Old veteran soldiers never forgot the sight
Of that fearless dragon streaming fire in the night.
Jackie forever remembered the promise of a friend
That Puff the Magic Dragon would return again.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Floridian Fountain

This poem was submitted for Project #15, " Aging, Ascents, & Entropies"

Returned to the village from the hunt
In strode the smiling braves
Trailed by a troop of toddlers;
A host of bare-bottomed babes.

The chief was displeased.
What have you done?
Why have you taken these children?
To rescue them, soldiers will come.

One of the braves spoke, No one will come.
For these children are men.
Who were playing in the magic fountain
When we crept up and discovered them.

They've crawled out of their clothes
And their helmets don't fit;
Their horses they can't climb
And their swords they can't lift.

The old chief picked up one of the lads
To get a closer look at him.
Was the wisdom of age in the child's eyes?
Little Ponce De Leon just grinned.