Wednesday, November 17, 2010

End of Days

Submitted for Project #2 "The Deities of Mythology"

Hera:What has happened?
Zeus:The world has come to an end.
Poseidon:But I have yet to swallow it with the sea!
Athena:Man still roams the Earth. How can it be?
Zeus:We are finished; our power is gone.
Call in the satyr, the centaur, and the unicorn.
Call the nymph from out of the sea.
It's time for us to leave.
Bring all immortal creatures, even Cerberus.
Men no longer believe in us.
Hera:But where will we go?
Zeus:That I do not know.
Apollo:Who will drive the sun to change night and day?
Zeus:The horses of the chariot know the way.
Ares:But surely there are yet battles to fight and heroes to kill.
Zeus:You have taught Man only too well that skill.
Hades:Who will watch over the souls of the damned?
Zeus:Our reign is over; it's out of our hands.
Aphrodite:But who will show Man love and beauty?
Zeus:No one. he refuses to see.
Hermes:Who will save Man from himself?
Zeus:Alas, only Time will tell.
It's no longer our place.
This is our End of Days.

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