Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Keepers of the Light

 Submitted for Project #10 "The Wuthering"
Off the New England coast near Minot's Ledge

Many a passing ship was wrecked.

A lighthouse was erected there to warn

Of the deadly force of a Northeastern storm.

In April, 1851, up the coast there came

The tremendous fury of a hurricane.

The tiny lighthouse was battered and bashed

As huge waves all around it crashed.

Antoine and Wilson wrote to say

The lighthouse swayed two feet each way.

They feared they wouldn't survive the night--

Still, the keepers kept the light.

Kept it burning so ships were warned

Of the deadly force of the Northeastern storm.

Suddenly iron pilings began to break.

The house itself the ocean would take.

Frantically the lighthouse bell rang

But the violent storm swallowed its clang.

That night two men stood alone

Against the awesome force of a New England storm.

Then the keepers and the light slipped into the sea

And disappeared for eternity.

They that go down to the sea in ships
Look to the Light that the Keepers keep lit.


For the full story of Minot's Ledge Light click here.

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